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     Sofoklis Kiourtzoglou  was born in June 1985 in Athens. He graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department of the School of Technological Applications of the Technological Educational Institute of Larissa. He was a member of the Photography Club of Larisa. In 2012 he attended a photography seminar of the Students' Cultural Society of Athens University. This year he is attending a seminar at the Photography Circle of Platon Rivellis.

     His first participation was in 2006 in the competition “Belle Arte Lamia” in the category of photography organized by the café chantant Kafodeio Orpheus. In 2009 he made a solo exhibition on street photography at the Cultural Center Sotirios Ziazias in Larissa. The exhibition was organized by the Photography Club of Larissa. That same year he made a second solo exhibition at Micraasia Hollybar at Kerameikos in Athens. The subject of the exhibition was street photography. In 2010 he won the first prize in the competition "Words and colors of Istanbul" organized by the Union of Constantinopolitans. In the spring of 2011 he participated in the photography contest "Dodecanese our homeland" of Dodekanisos Seaways and was awarded a Certificate of Merit. At the end of the same year he participated in the group exhibition “Getaway” at the arts multiplex Chorostasio in Klafthmonos square. In April 2012 he participated in the competition “Greece now” organized by Ash in Art (House of Incoherent Art Affairs). In January 2013 he organized in collaboration with the online magazine Fmag, a photo exhibition at the arts multiplex Chorostasio in Athens. The subject of the exhibition was “Wandering in Athens”. In the autumn of the same year he participated in the group exhibition “Portraits through the camera lens” in the cultural activities venue ''Thieves''. In 2014 he participated in the 4th Athens Video Dance Project in the School of Fine Arts with a contemporary dance video in the category of new artists. At the same year he undertook the photography and lighting in a full-length video in collaboration with the contemporary dance group Inside Noise and Chrysanthi Badeka, which was projected at the 4th Athens Video Dance Project. In 2015 he participated in the experimental performance “BREATH” in cooperation with Inside Noise, with his photographic works at the Promenade of the 5th Athens Video Dance Project.

      He is collaborating with contemporary dance groups such as Inside Noise and Kokkou Rees and since the summer of 2015 with the entertainment news website 2017 he directed the video dance “Silence”  which  was chosen by 60 secondsdance competition 2017 and Pool internationales tanz film festival 2017.Ατ 2018 he collaborates with the dancer Ilia Hatzigeorgiou and with the dancer Olga Dimitraki for the various projects.He graduate from public institute of photography with official diploma of photography.Now he is freelance photographer and cinematographer.Specializing in concept photography,conceptual photography still life photography,dance photography,theater photography,wedding and cristianing photography.Except from that he makes videoart.He prefers to take pictures in streets and outdoor photography. 


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